CrossCountry Trains 

I worked for CrossCountry Trains since 2007 till September 2012 and what a honour it was! I provide a Service at Seat of drinks and light refreshments from Bournemouth to Manchester over a 4-5 day week working alternative shifts each week. We have a great depot moral at Bournemouth, always willing to help out when we have events on as a group or with a few people, using Rest Days rather then Annual Leave to start with.

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A photo I purchased of  a Crosscountry Voyager at Bournemouth station.
Working for CrossCountry - The New and Old way!
The Old CrossCountry Shop!

We used to have shops on our trains which were taken out to allow for extra seating and luggage space and it has made a big difference! Here are some pictures I took from my very last one I had which was on the last day of them existing in the country as well as the luggage space now created!

The CrossCountry Hst  

On Tuesday 15 Febuary 2011, I was able to work one of our Hst Trains for the very 1st time. It was a fantastic experience, being shown about where the saftey equipment was as well as working something different. Pictures and a video below.

The CrossCountry Refurbished Voyager

Pictures taken when the train (220 008) was on Bournemouth's platform 2 on Sunday 24 July 2011 to work the 10:40 to Manchester Piccadilly. Voyager number (220 010) has been done as well

The CrossCountry Voyager Labels

Pictures taken on Tuesday 16 Augest 2011. Only 5 car Voyager to have the labels so far (221 122)