Andrews fish and chips
Cooking in the kitchen is very essential to everyone in life. It gives people a chance to reflect on what the day has achieved . My fish and chips recipe will inspire others to keep on eating what a great british dish this is.
How to make Andrews fish and chips.
1) Preheat a oven to 200oC. I used a main oven as well as halogen oven for this recipe.
2) Add your fish to the halogen oven for 20-25 mins turning for the remaining 5 minutes to get crispness to the bottom of the fish on 180oC.
3) Chips and fish cakes along with potato croquettes were added to the oven in a oven tray. Turn half way through cooking after 15 mins for equal cooking.
4) Add mushy peas to a saucepan with a pepper seasoning to give a hint of taste. On a low heat, stir occasionally. 5) Serve the dish to the best of your ability.