Minted Lamb Dinner 

On 16 September 2012, I made my very own Roast Lamb Dinner for the 1st time. It went rather well!

Lamb - Gorecki.mp3


* Lamb Joint *3 Medium size Baking potatoes * Mint Sauce * Veg - fresh or frozen * Small amount of Cooking Oil * You will also need a Cooking tray for Roast Potatoes, Carving knife for Lamb.
  • Method 

    Prepare Lamb Joint and Cook. Peel potatoes,Make into a Roast shape before adding to tray in a little oil, coat them and cook

    Add Frozen Veg to Steam cooker and cook until done. When the Potatoes are cooked they should be nice and crispy. Once the Lamb is cooked, cut onto a plate and serve with a garnish of Mint Sauce!