Mince Pies

A page on a Christmas and all year favourite food. Enjoy making them. I made these on Wednesday 29 February 2012

Mince Pie.mp3


2 oz Stork

2 oz Marg

8oz Plain Flour

A Jar of Mince Meat

A splash of Milk 

Icing Sugar


1) Make the Shortcrust Pastry as thin as possible without it crumbling. 

2) Cut the Pastry into 2 circle shapes, 1 slightly bigger then the other.

3) Use as much dough as possible.

4) Layer the larger circle into the baking tray with space for it to cook.

5) Add a Tea spoon of Mince meat to each circle and line the outside with milk before adding the tops.

6) Cut the tops with a knife effect as pictured above. This will allow them to cook and look great!

7) Cook for 20-25 minutes on Gas Mark 6.

8) Dust with Icing Sugar and serve with Ice Cream or Custard.