Blackburn Rovers v Norwich City 

Saturday 21st April 2012 saw a crucial match at Ewood Park between Blackburn Rovers and Norwich City, I was sadly taken ill pre match. Rovers won 2-0. Pictures provided by Ruth 

Seven - Blackburn (Live!).mp3

Blackburn v Norwich, 2014 - 2015 Championship
Tuesday 24th February 2015 saw me go to Blackburn v Norwich at Ewood Park. Norwich won 1-2.
Blackburn v Norwich 2016 - 2017 Championship
Saturday 6th August 2016 saw Blackburn Rovers start the 2016-2017 Efl Championship season at home to Norwich City after surviving relegation in the 2015-2016 season. Pictures from Ruth.
Owen Coyles 1st Home Game
Coyle gives out Instructions
Blackburn rovers v Norwich city, Championship 2018-2019
Saturday 22nd December 2018 saw Blackburn host Norwich city at Ewood park. Blackburn lost 0-1.
Andrews photos from Blackburn v Norwich on Saturday 22nd December 2018
Blackburn Rovers v Norwich city, Championship 2020 - 2021 season
Ewood park on Saturday 12th December 2020 hosted Blackburn v Norwich city in the 2020/2021 Sky bet Championship. Norwich got relegated from the Premier league and Blackburn finished in mid table in the 2019/2020 Championship season
Andrews Blackburn v Norwich photos for Saturday 12th December 2020
Blackburn v Norwich city, Championship 2022 - 2023 season
Ewood park hosted Blackburn v Norwich city in the Efl Championship for 2022 - 2023 season. I viewed the game in the Riverside Stand, Ewood Park. Blackburn on Good Friday 2023 in person from Southampton, Hampshire, England.
Andrews Selfies on Good Friday 2023!
Andrews daily photos for Blackburn v Norwich city in the 2022 - 2023 Championship season
Blackburn Rovers v Norwich City. February 2024. Championship 2023/2024 Season
Ewood Park saw Blackburn Rovers take on Norwich City in February 2024 in the Championship 2023/2024 Season.

Blackburn gained a valueable point at Ewood Park.
Andrews Matchday photos 
from Blackburn Rovers 1 Norwich City 1 on Saturday 24th February 2024
Andrews Daily photos from Blackburn v Norwich City in February 2024 in the 2023/2024 Championship Season