Blackburn v Ipswich, Championship 2014 - 2015

Saturday 2nd May 2015 saw me go to Ewood Park for the last Sky Bet Championship 14/15 season match. Videos and pictures are below!

Blackburn v Ipswich 2015 - 2016
Saturday 3rd October 2015 saw Blackburn play Ipswich at Ewood Park.  Jordan Rhodes bagged a brace as he now has scored 7 goals in 5 games for Blackburn Rovers this season who won 2-0 at Ewood Park. The win, which now sees Blackburn having had 3 clean sheets at Ewood Park moves them 15th in the Sky Bet Championship table. It is very much deserved with the form Blackburn have picked up since the 2nd half of Fulham v Blackburn this season. To think they were 23rd at the start of the season is great credit to Gary Bowyer and his players and staff.
Blackburn v Ipswich 2016 - 2017
Saturday 15th October 2016 saw Blackburn draw 0-0 with Ipswich at Ewood Park.
Blackburn v Ipswich, Championship 2018 - 2019
Saturday 19th January 2019 saw Blackburn rovers host Ipswich town at Ewood park. Pictures from sunrises and sunsets are available.
Blackburn v Ipswich Championship 2018/2019 Sunrises and sunsets
Blackburn Rovers v Ipswich Town. March 2024. Championship 2023/2024
Ewood Park hosted Blackburn Rovers v Newly promoted Ipswich Town in March 2024 for the Championship 2023/2024 Season.

I decided after ill health to follow the game live on Sky Sports.

Blackburn lost 0-1 and remain in a relegation dog fight
Andrews daily photos for Blackburn Rovers v Ipswich Town in March 2024 for the Championship 2023/2024 Season.