Blackburn v Hull City 

Blackburn Rovers started life in the Championship at Ewood Park with a home game v Hull City which we won by 1 goal to 0. Pictures and videos below.

Blackburn Rovers - Army swing.mp3

Blackburn v Hull 2015 - 2016 Championship Season
Saturday 13th February 2016 saw Blackburn play Hull City at Ewood Park. Pictures from Ruth as well as Natalie. Hull won 2-0.
Natalies Pictures
Ruths Pictures
Blackburn v Hull city, Championship 2018-2019
Saturday 26th January 2019 saw Blackburn host Hull city at Ewood park. Blackburn won 3-0 and are now
on 43 points in the Championship 2018/2019 season and in 8th place after 29 games played.
Andrews sunrise and sunset photos
Blackburn v Hull. Championship season 2019 - 2020
Tuesday 11th February 2020 saw Blackburn play Hull at Ewood park in the evening. I watched the game via Sky sports red button. Photos and videos are linked below from Blackburn's big 3-0 win leaving us 3 points outside the playoffs
Andrews photos from Blackburn 3 Hull city 0 on Tuesday 11th February 2020
Blackburn v Hull, Championship 2021 - 2022
Blackburn hosted Hull city in the Championship 2021 - 2022 season live on Sky sports arena which is how I watched the game. Videos and photos are illustrated below. 
Andrews daily photos for Tuesday 14th September 2021
Blackburn rovers v Hull city, Championship 2022 - 2023 season
Ewood park saw Blackburn Rovers host Hull city in the 2022 - 2023 Championship season. The game was viewed on Sky Sports Football with a 19:45pm Kick Off. Blackburn Rovers drew 0-0 and remain in 6th place in the table.
Blackburn v Hull city Selfies from Andrew
Andrews daily photos for Blackburn Rovers v Hull city in the 2022 - 2023 Championship season
Blackburn Rovers v Hull City. Saturday 19th August 2023. Championship 2023/2024.
Ewood Park hosted Blackburn Rovers v Hull City in the 2023/2024 Championship season.

The game was followed via a Gillette Soccer Special.
Andrews Matchday Selfies for Blackburn Rovers v Hull City 
on Saturday 19th August 2023
Blackburn Rovers v Hull City Daily photos for the Championship 2023/2024 Season
Blackburn Rovers v Hull City. Championship 2024/2025