Ipswich Town v Blackburn Rovers 

Saturday 18th August 2012 saw me watch Blackburns 1st Championship game in 2012 after sadly being relegated from the Premier League. This will open up new games for me to get to for the website. Pictures below of the opening day 1-1 draw 

Andrews Pictures
Ipswich v Blackburn 2014/2015
 Saturday 18th October 2014 saw me go to Portman Road for Ipswich v Blackburn. A 1-1 draw was played out. Pictures below.
Ipswich v Blackburn 2015/2016
Tuesday 15th March 2016 saw Ipswich play Blackburn in the Championship. Ipswich won 2-0.
Pictures from Friends
Ipswich v Blackburn, 16-17 Championship
Saturday 14th January 2017 saw Ipswich beat Blackburn 3-2 
Ipswich v Blackburn, 2018-19 Championship
Saturday 4th August 2018 saw Blackburn play Ipswich back in the Championship following promotion from league one. Blackburn drew 2-2. Photos and videos are all typed up for you.
Andrews selfies from Ipswich v Blackburn on Saturday 4th August 2018
Andrews videos from Ipswich v Blackburn on Saturday 4th August 2018
Photos from the game and week of the match