Swansea City v Blackburn Rovers 

Saturday 14 April 2012 saw me to go The Liberty Stadium for the 1st time in my life. It was the first time I have had chance to go to a game to represent my 1st Train Driver sit for First Great Western and I cried my eyes out big time when I came to Newport Station when I got there. Pictures below of the 3-0 loss on the day! 

Swansea City - Take me to the Vetch Field.mp3

Swansea v Blackburn. Tuesday 23rd October 2018
Tuesday 23rd October 2018 saw me travel to my 1st Blackburn league game this season at the Liberty stadium. Photos and videos are provided from Swansea's 3-1 win
Swansea city v Blackburn rovers. Championship season 2019 - 2020
Wednesday 11th December 2019 saw Swansea play Blackburn at the Liberty stadium. I watched the game via Sky Sports's red button facility.
Andrews photos for Swansea v Blackburn on Wednesday 11th December 2019
Swansea v Blackburn, Championship 2020 - 2021
After Swansea city failing to reach the Championship 2019-2020 season play off final, Blackburn visited the Liberty stadium once more for a Championship 2020-2021 visit. Swansea won 2-0.
Andrews photos on Saturday 31st October 2020 for Swansea v Blackburn
Swansea city v Blackburn rovers, Championship 2021 - 2022
After Swansea city losing the play off final last season to Brentford who got promoted to the Premier league, Another set of fixtures awaits them in the Championship. This game was followed by watching Sky Sports.
Andrews daily photos for Swansea v Blackburn on Saturday 5th February 2022
Swansea city v Blackburn, Championship 2022 - 2023
The Liberty stadium hosted Swansea city v Blackburn Rovers in a 2022 - 2023 Championship fixture. The game was followed by Gillette Soccer Saturday.
Swansea city v Blackburn daily photos from Andrew for Saturday 6th August 2022
Swansea City v Blackburn Rovers. March 2024. Championship 2023 - 2024.
Swansea City played Blackburn Rovers in a March 2024 Championship 2023 - 2024 fixture

Swansea City won by 2 goals to 1
Andrews Matchday Photos from Swansea City 2 Blackburn Rovers 1
Swansea City v Blackburn Daily Photos 
Swansea City v Blackburn Rovers. Championship 2024/2025