Luton town v Blackburn rovers. Championship season 2019 - 2020
Luton town v Blackburn was played with a new fixture date following the coronavirus on Wednesday 22nd July 2020. This is the 1st fixture I have on the website. It is a new ground which I could not to go to should they stay up tonight due to Covid-19. Photos and videos of the game and selfies are below. Luton won 3-2.
Luton town v Blackburn daily photos
Luton town v Blackburn. Saturday 21st November 2020. Championship 2020 - 2021
Due to Covid-19, I could not attend Kenilworth Road for a 2nd season in a row on an away day with Blackburn rovers. The 2020/2021 season fixture took place on Saturday 21st November 2020. 
Andrews photos from Luton town v Blackburn on Saturday 21st November 2020
Luton town v Blackburn rovers, Championship 2021 - 2022
In the Championship 2021 - 2022 season for the fixture of Luton town v Blackburn photos and selfies have been added and the game was followed by myself via Gillette Soccer Saturday on Saturday 29th January 2022!
Andrews daily photos for Luton town v Blackburn on Saturday 29th January 2022